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In today’s competitive market it is critical for companies to establish the most efficient supply chain possible. Most companies recognize the need for a global sourcing strategy. Yet many companies do not have the internal resources to cost effectively implement such a strategy. Acquisition Services, LLC can help you implement a global sourcing strategy at a fraction of the cost and time required to develop this capability in-house.

Acquisition Services has long standing relationships with numerous international shippers, freight forwarders, and highly skilled US Customs brokers.

Leveraging these resources we can coordinate smooth import and product delivery to the location of your choice.

Outsourcing production to factories globally can generate substantial savings for most North American companies. To remain competitive in the global market, most companies must evaluate this option.

Acquisition Services can help you determine if this option is beneficial to your business. 

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We live in a Global Economy

This simple statement has had a profound impact on businesses across the globe.


Many companies are successfully taking advantage of the numerous benefits and cost savings of global sourcing. Yet, to companies without experienced in-house resources and knowledge, offshore sourcing can seem out of reach.


Acquisition Services can walk your company through the international sourcing maze and help you take advantage of the benefits available in this Global Economy. With over 28 years of combined experience in offshore sourcing, we help you navigate through the obstacles of global logistics. Whether overcoming language barriers, shipping issues, Customs questions or duties and tariffs, Acquisition Services has the experience to help your company successfully implement a global sourcing strategy.

How We do Business:

Acquisition Services, LLC is owned and managed by professional sourcing experts, not here today gone tomorrow internet marketers who have jumped on the sourcing bandwagon.

Our background, training and combined 28 years experience was developed in global supply chain management and sourcing.

Through this experience we have forged strong relationships with several OEM manufacturing companies who make a wide variety of finished products and component parts.

Whether you need:

  • Component parts to lower the total cost of your current product

  • Completely packaged products to sell, or

  • A high quality factory to completely manufacture a new product line

Acquisition Services, LLC can meet your needs with our proven process.



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