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Product Sourcing

Global Sourcing Strategy

Acquisition Services can help your company source and procure items both domestically and overseas. The benefits and cost savings of offshore sourcing can be significant.


However, for the inexperienced company, overseas sourcing can be extremely complicated and time consuming. Acquisition Services has developed strategic alliances all over the world. We help you source the right product, at the right price, at the right time, while improving your bottom line.

Our suppliers are selected based on standards of high quality, timely delivery, and competitive pricing.

Source Selection


Asia is currently the world's manufacturing leader largely because of these competitive advantages:

  • A large, dedicated, educated, reliable, and low-cost labor force

  • Favorable regulatory and tax environment

  • Established manufacturing expertise

  • Stable economy and currency

  • Abundant natural resources

  • Global export experience

The Acquisition Services team can help your company capitalize on these advantages all while maintaining the product quality that keeps your reputation strong. 

Professional Sourcing Experts


Many companies rely on internet searches or trade sites to source products, wasting valuable resources endlessly wondering through a blackhole of online sites. This method also increases the risk of low quality products arriving at your door and suppliers disappearing once an order is placed. 


This is not the case with Acquisition Services, LLC. We have been doing international sourcing for more than 28 years. We understand that international sourcing and outsourcing your production can be difficult. We offer world-class service to exceed our customers' expectations. Our goal is to help our customers realize higher margins and company growth with no loss in quality. 

Let our expertise be your advantage. We can help save you  time, money and avoid costly mistakes. 

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